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GCW “The WRLD On GCW Part 2” Results 6/20/20

Written by Shannon Walsh

Game Changer Wrestling “The WRLD on GCW Part 2” results from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 🇺🇸 at Celebration Plaza Amphitheater at White River State Park on 6/20/20 live on FITE:

Dave Prazack and Kevin Gill are the announcers. This is an outdoor show and they say it’s about 94 degrees.

Alex Zane pinned Jimmy Lloyd with the Taco Driver. 

Tony Deppen pinned Shane Mercer after a powerbomb out of the corner followed by a running clothesline to the back of the head. They brawled near the guardrail by the river and threatened to throw each other over. Mercer grabbed Logan Stunt, who was working the hot dog stand, and threw him into a water fountain area. The cameras didn’t catch all of it, but you could see a big splash of water flying up in the air. 

A.J. Gray pinned KTB after ramming him into a door set up in the corner of the ring.

Lee Moriarty pinned Tre Lamar after a leaping DDT. 

Ricky Shane Page and Atticus Cogar beat Matthew Justice and Mance Warner when Cogar pinned Justice after a low blow and driving him head first into a board on the mat. It looked like Justice and Warner were about to win after giving Cogar a 3D on a board set up between two chairs but Page pulled the referee out of the ring and then rammed Warner into the ring post.


Calvin Tankman won a 6-way match over Gringo Loco, Zachary Wentz, JJ Garrett, Cole Radrick, and Benjamin Carter by pinning Carter after a running shooting star press. 

Chris Dickinson beat Manders by submission with a figure four leg lock.

Blake Christian pinned Myron Reed with a reversal. They did all sorts of high risk dives throughout the match and worked a long time through the heat.

Allie Kat pinned Effy after a DDT. Effy hit Kat with a stiff looking knee shot and she was down for several seconds. Everyone thought she was hurt. It turned out that the impact of the move only caused a wardrobe malfunction and she was waiting for someone to give her a T-shirt to put over her gear to finish the match.

The main event was delayed by a fan’s medical emergency. The camera didn’t show it. After a few minutes they took an intermission on FITE and showed bumpers for upcoming GCW events. The next show is July 4th. When they came back live they said a woman was taken to get medical attention because of the extreme heat and she should be fine.

Nick Gage pinned Spyder Nate Webb after a pile driver off the ropes onto a chair in the ring. Gage did a promo after the match. He said it was good to be back in front of fans. He said he’s been wrestling for 20 plus years and Webb has also been wrestling a number of years. He said not many are left of their generation because they either got a job, died, or their body can’t do it anymore. 

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