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Gay Pat and Dana Beers Agree To Fight At Rough N Rowdy | Barstool Sports News

Written by TrevStone

Woah! During the recent episode of Barstool vs America Dana Beers decided to send home Gay Pat in a move to shock everyone.

If you didn’t know, Barstool Vs America is an online series where Barstool employees compete for a prize and a beach house.

After all of this the two of them were a little worked up. And they ended up agreeing to fight at Rough N Rowdy.

Pat has already fought in Rough N Rowdy once and they both would love a piece of each other. (Maybe Pat a little more tho haha. Yes, Pat.. that was a gay joke)

But let’s be real this would be a good matchup. We’ve seen Dana lose weight before but we’ve also already seen Pat get a dub in the ring.

Gay Pat vs Dana Beers could shake the entire Barstool office. But let’s be real if Dana jumped it would shake the entire office.

I’d love to see it. The fight that is.

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