Gawker Is Trending on Twitter and The Reason Is Wild and Kinda of Hilarious! Did They Give Out Kyrsten Sinema’s Social Security Number?

Written by TrevStone

Oh… The good ol’ Gawker Media! I was shocked when I checked Twitter and noticed that they were trending but apparently, they ran an article regarding Kyrsten Sinema’s social security number? This just seems wild.

Imagine posting an article “We have Kyrsten Sinema’s social security number” like why? What do you gain from that? But that’s what Gawker does, those scums. Why do that to anyone? And guess what. I’m not going to link the story to it because that’s just stupid. I don’t want them to get clicks or anyone to have their social security number leaked.


The number that they posted was to Souja Boy’s Kiss Me Thru The Phone Song:

And for those who didn’t realize social security numbers aren’t that long. And it looked exactly like a telephone number. As soon as I noticed what it was, I started laughing. And of course, it isn’t hard to google search that number and find out that it isn’t the senator from Arizona!

They kinda… tricked everyone. Read the Urban Dictionary post regarding this! Click here!


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