*GaTa and Lil Dicky are dropping “WE GOOD” TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!!*

Written by PJG203

No. This is not a drill. For those that live under a rock or just have doo doo in their pants, DAVE on FX is a revolutionary show starring the show’s namesake, Dave Burd (rapper Lil Dicky). His right hand man both in real-life and on the show, GaTa are planning to drop what is one of my all time favorite songs of all time. Yes, it came during the season finale of a comedy show on FX with a rapper named Lil Dicky but this is all real, no turf. Here is the confirming tweet for reference:

No spoilers but it is legitimately one the more clever written, produced, directed, and acted shows out there and it is all from the mind of one of the better rappers out there at the moment, Lil Dicky. Do yourself a favor and catch DAVE Seasons 1 and 2 on FX or Hulu and then tell me how great that song is after you listen to it at midnight tonight.

Anyway, Cheers!
-PJG203 @betspj on tweeter

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