Garrett Epple Suspended One Game for Crosschecking Matt Gaudet in the Head

Written by tRy25

There was a lot of talk after Saturday night when Matt Gaudet was running around laughing like the joker and telling Blaze Riorden he sucks right it his grill. The keyboard warriors and white nights saying “he needs a kick in the mouth” and “that wouldn’t happen in box lacrosse”.

Well folks, Garrett Epple decided to take things into his own hands. Problem is he took it about two cross checks to the teeth to a player on the ground, out of the play, too far. I love the original body check. That’s how you gut check someone. If you’re pissed at a guy for flapping his gums all game, especially as a rookie, you line his ass up and punish him over the middle of the field. That’s where it should have stopped. But it didn’t.

Funny thing is, Gaudet did his job perfectly. This is how little pest players contribute to winning games. He’s not lighting up the scoreboard so he finds other ways to be effective. The Chrome got a long man up opportunity off of this and scored. The final score?

A one goal game folks. Epple has put the Redwoods in one hell of a spot here too. Not only do they drop to 0-2 last night, but now they need to win their next game without him. Were those 2 cross checks worth it?

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