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Gaming Can Be Good For You And These Are The Reasons Why

Ever since video games were invented, people – usually parents – have found ways to criticise them. Some have labelled them as responsible for rotting your brain. Others have claimed that they make people lazy. There are even those who suggest that they inspire violence in gamers. 

Thankfully, the majority of parents approve of video games these days, although there are still plenty of haters out there. Their criticisms can’t deny just how many benefits these games can provide players with, though. From improved mental wellbeing and socialisation to the promise of rewards, there’s so much that a person can actually gain from gaming. These are the benefits we think are most worth talking about.

Friends Everywhere

Games have always been something that have connected people, from trading Pokémon in the ’90s to teaming up on Fortnite now. Nowadays, there are so many games that promote socialising that online multiplayer has become one of the most dominant forms of play in the industry. That just proves how effective video games are at bringing others together and boosting socialisation, even when you don’t know anyone that you’re playing against. You can even Play Spider Solitaire Masters Free Online Card Games.

So many friendships have been formed online through these games, and while there can be dangers with that, the benefits are clear. People who may struggle to make friends away from home have a place where they can socialise, as can those who just want others to play with. The games foster companionship, healthy rivalry, and a chance to interact with people from different countries and cultures, which can’t be a bad thing.

So Many Skills

The people who criticise video games as being bad for your brain tend to forget just how wide a variety of genres there are to play. Not every game is a shooter. There are plenty of puzzle games designed to test and improve your thinking, with Nintendo even having its own range of brain training games. Play enough of these and your bound to walk away feeling smarter.

It’s not just puzzle games that are good for you, though. Every game boosts some kind of skill development, whether that’s logic, concentration, dexterity, or something else. Anyone who judges a skilled Call of Duty player clearly doesn’t realise just how much focus and strategy goes into succeeding in something like that. The fact is that most games help you improve at least one skill that can be applied to the real world.

Rewards Aplenty

There’s a reason people love being rewarded for doing something. They want that burst of dopamine that comes from having their efforts recognised. Unsurprisingly, you get that from games in a variety of different ways. It might be from the accomplishment of completing a difficult level or the joy of winning a battle royal. For competitive gamers, it could come from doing well in an e-sports tournament, while for those with money to spare, it could simply be from getting something rare in a loot box.

Gamers just love getting rewards, which is why online gambling is so popular. The thrill of earning real money from playing games keeps them coming back for more, especially with the wealth of online casinos to choose from. It probably helps that they can find safe and reliable sites to gamble on through Their frequently-updated selection of personally-tested casinos means that gamers always know the best places to bet their money.

Time To Relax

It might be hard to picture a game like Doom or Outlast as being relaxing, given how intense they can get. However, just because something isn’t slow-paced and quiet, that doesn’t mean it can’t help a person destress after a long day.

Video games are an excellent way for people to wind down when they finish work or school because the focus they require pushes all real-life stress to the side. It’s hard to worry about what went wrong earlier in the day when the game you’re playing demands that you pay attention or lose. Sure, it’s possible for people to get stressed out by what they’re playing if things don’t go their way. However, more often than not, engaging in a game you love can lower the production of stress hormones and make you feel at peace, if just for a little while.

Good For The Mind

Mental wellbeing is something that’s being increasingly valued nowadays, with issues like anxiety and depression finally being taken seriously. There’s no one thing that can rid a person of such troubles, but there is stuff you can do to try and improve your mental wellbeing. Playing video games may well be one of them.

Obviously, not every game promotes a positive mental state. However, titles like Animal Crossing – which boast cutesy visuals, relaxed gameplay, and a sense of control – have been commended by some players for helping with their anxiety and depression. What’s more, research suggests that Tetris could reduce PTSD symptoms, due to the visual-spatial demands of the game. For people struggling with their mental wellbeing, potential help like this could really enhance their quality of life.

Just Have Fun

Do we really need any reason to love a game other than the fact that it provides us with entertainment? Billions of people around the world don’t simply pick up a controller on a regular basis because it’s something to do – they want to have fun. People watch television, read books, or do any other hobby for entertainment, and gaming is no different.

Thanks to the portability of so many consoles nowadays, video games even have the advantage of making some of the most boring experiences a lot easier to deal with. You don’t have to just sit around staring at clocks in waiting rooms or on the commute when you can whip out your Nintendo Switch or smartphone and start gaming. These things were designed to cure boredom, so you may as well make the most of them.

There will always be people who don’t understand video games or the benefits that they provide to players. What they think doesn’t matter, though. Anyone whose passionate about gaming and loves to play alone or with friends should know that as long as they’re enjoying themselves, that’s all that counts.

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