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Game Against Bears Will Prove If Dan Campbell Has Started To Change The Culture In Detroit

When Dan Campbell got hired for the Detroit Lions Head Coaching job the announcement came somewhat out of left field. It was a name that wasn’t at all rumored until late into the process which was a little concerning. In the opening press conference, Campbell emphasized taking on the identity of the city with a don’t give up attitude and making sure the league knows they’re in for a fight against Detroit. So far he has accomplished that but now it’s time to prove that he’s different.

The Detroit Lions always play to their opponents even when they should clearly win and Sunday that has a chance to happen again. Campbell has this team fighting every game but it’s time to control a game for 60 minutes against a team you should beat. The Lions fought against the 49ers and Ravens and led at halftime against the Packers. If Campbell and his staff have this team playing competitively against those teams this game shouldn’t be in question.

Campbell talked about culture, well, it’s time to prove that you have made a big culture change in your first year. Step on the throat of the Bears to prove you’re the man for the job and shut the naysayers and media up. Nobody rational is expecting a good win total season this year as the Lions have one of the worst rosters in the NFL, however, Dan has to win some games against division rivals with a nice quality win over a playoff-caliber team to show off his coaching prowess by taking this roster and competing with them.

This is the first game that Dan Campbell has had some expectations placed on him, lets see how he responds this afternoon against the Bears. Do you agree that this will determine how much culture Campbell has changed so far? or Do you need to see more from Campbell as far as wins go even considering the roster he has to work with? Let us know!

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