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Game 5 of the NLCS Proves That You Never Know What You Get With Baseball

Written by Durr

Not going to lie I saw this coming mainly because of the betting line. The Atlanta Braves got CRUSHED by the Dodgers last night 2-11, meaning the Dodgers are still alive for the NL Pennant. The series heads back to Atlanta on Saturday and who knows what the hell will happen. It’s baseball.

Going back to the betting line, the Braves came in to the game as a slight underdog with their ace, Max Fried, pitching against the Dodgers bullpen, who the Braves have hit well against this series. All signs were pointing to taking the Braves in this one. Which is why it was only natural for the Dodgers to come out pummeling. I mean like what a trap bet!

Thank you Mr. Chris Taylor! So yes, he accounted for more than half of the runs for the Dodgers, but as a whole, the lineup was dominant tonight. They got to Fried early and it paid off. Kudos to them.

When it comes to my NLCS prediction, I was completely wrong. I genuinely thought the Dodgers would take care of business against the Braves, but like I’ve said, this is baseball. Expect the unexpected. Still, the Dodgers have 2 of their stud pitchers remaining as they scheduled Max Scherzer to take the ball in Game 6, and Walker Buehler if they get to a game 7. Both of those games the Dodgers will have the advantage on the bump.

I’m interested to see what the line will be when it gets to game time. My guess is a Dodgers -155. The value will be with the Braves the next two games, it’s just a matter if bettors will want to take it, or stick with the Wild Card “Favorite”.

To me, it seems like we are going to get a Braves vs Astros World Series. I’m all for it, because it means that the Red Sox won’t be in it. However, don’t be surprised if we see two Game 7’s this weekend.

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