Gabriel Iglesias Was Extorted Money During Pandemic Over Pictures Of Him Being ‘Naughty With Models’

Written by TrevStone

During the recent Gabriel Iglesias special he joked about how during COVID he ended up having someone attempt to extort money from him saying that they have footage of him being inappropriate with different models.

Iglesias said that he knew that they didn’t have them. And they were saying they were going to sell the footage to a company like TMZ. And that they wanted $50K for them not to sell it. But they needed the money in a short amount of time.

He joked saying only $50K that’s all my career is worth? And that he ended up getting the information about that after the deadline they gave. So obviously there was nothing there.

The special is absolutely hilarious. But talk about a little weird situation for Fluffy. Makes you wonder what he was thinking the moment he learned that someone was trying to get this money.

I wish we could hear from the people who were attempting to get the money and in reality I’d love to see the footage.

Obviously there isn’t any. And I’m sure if there is Fluffy would want to see it himself. But there isn’t. So now, it’s nothing but a joke.

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