Gable Steveson Is Toying With All Of Us

Fresh off a gold medal win at the Tokyo Olympics, 21-year old Minnesota heavyweight wrestler, Gable Steveson, is fucking with all of us. Steveson has garnered attention from the UFC, NFL, WWE, AEW, and University of Minnesota Gophers Football. He’s fired off tweets to all three and is toying with everyone’s emotions trying to figure out where the hell he’ll end up.

He’s gone on several podcasts and has hinted at what path he’ll take, but he’s been inconsistent with his statements constantly hinting at a different route/league. Every day he’s retweeting contradicting statements and we are left on the edge of our seats wondering where he’ll take his talents. It seems as if Steveson has come to a decision with his latest tweet. He has all of us waiting for the verdict, and in true Steveson fashion he has not dropped the bomb on us yet and it’s been two days. It’s fine if you haven’t made up your mind, but for the love of God stop toying with us.

He would be electric with any one of these four leagues/companies, but gosh dammit stop acting like Lebron and let us know your decision already. This isn’t in Cleveland. (If you don’t understand this Cleveland/Lebron comparison, do us all a favor and jump off a cliff) Or maybe he’ll replace Aaron Rodgers as Jeopardy’s host; we’ve seen stranger things.

If you live under a rock and are not familiar with Steveson, here is his Olympic winning footage along with footage of him moving like a 145 lb dude. With all due respect, big guys are usually stationary neanderthals and far less agile.


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