Futuristic NFL Helmets

Written by Ngm002

The Riddell Speedflex helmet has been the go to since 2014. The safety features and the unique design made it popular among the players. Now, we may be seeing the next helmets to reign supreme in the NFL for the next 10 years or so.

The Riddell Axiom helmet has started to be worn in practice by JJ Watt, Budda Baker, and Ezekiel Elliott. The helmets definitely have a weird look to them, but they have a similar safety rating to the Speedflex. The Axiom helmets also allow the player to have a better peripheral view than the Speedflex which is a huge advantage to the player.

Personally, I think the helmets look cool. In any sport, new helmets are almost always seen as ugly. If players’ safety is increased I say that the NFL should give these helmets a shot. The facemask doesn’t look great, but it looks a little smaller and lighter than the older model. The visor definitely helps the look of it, as Ezekiel Elliot is looking fire in his new helmet pictured above.

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