Future Stars Of Women’s Wrestling results from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 🇺🇸 on 11/20/20 live on FITE TV:


Miranda Alize and Ruby Raze are off of the show.

Alice Blair pinned Dana Lynn in a dark match (thanks to FSW’s Joey DeFalco for the results).

Delilah Doom pinned Bryn Thorne after a Gory Special.

Strella pinned Lola The Explorer after a choke bomb.

OVW Women’s Champion Mazzerati pinned Joseline Navarro with a Northern Lights Suplex in a non-title match.

Sandra Moone pinned CeCe Chanel after a front leg sweep finisher.

Katarina pinned Estrellita by holding the trunks after heel manager MK (who repeatedly interfered the whole match) sprayed hand sanitizer in Estrellita’s face.

FSW Women’s Champion Lacey Ryan pinned “HollyHood” Haley J after her knee strike to the face finisher.

After the match, Mazzerati came out to taunt Ryan. Ryan said she’s a fighting champion and she wasn’t tired. She said she would defend the title against her. Mazzerati can’t challenge her for the title again as long as Ryan is champion if she doesn’t win.

Mazzerati pinned Lacey Ryan to win the FSW Women’s Title when the referee was bumped and Strella ran in to give Ryan a spear and put Mazzerati on top of her for the pin.


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