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Friday Night Smackdown Review (3/13)

Tonight’s Smackdown was far different than when originally advertised. WWE decided to move Smackdown to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida in wake of the Coronavirus situation. The event was held in the empty center with no fans and only essential personnel present. All the credit in the world to WWE for making the best of a tough situation and having the show go on.

Segment 1- Triple H opens the show and discusses how the show is being held at the performance center due to the coronavirus concerns. He says that tonight’s show will be like nothing we have ever seen before. Triple H urges fans to sit back, relax and stop thinking about the world around them while WWE puts a smile on their face.

Segment 2- Sasha Banks and Bayley enter seeking to find Paige. The two approach Michael Cole and Triple H who are sitting ringside asking where the hell it Paige? Banks and Bayley continue to berate Cole and Triple H offers little backup saying Cole makes stupid excuses every week. Alexa Bliss’ music hits as her and tag partner Nikki Cross and challenge Banks and Bayley to a match since Paige is absent.

Match 1- Bayley & Sasha Banks vs.Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross begins with Bliss and Bayley squaring off. Bayley falls behind Bliss, who gains the early advantage. Bliss dominates early and appears to be going for her patented “Twisted Bliss” dive off the top rope, until Banks pulls Bayley from the ring, out of harms way. As Banks & Bayley look to recoil, Nikki Cross attacks them blindy at ringside. When the show returns from commercial, Bayley has assumed control against Bliss and has bliss dead to rights. Bliss struggles away and tags in Cross and she unleashes pent up aggression on Bayley. Banks gets tagged and can’t keep up with Cross’ energy. Bliss bulldogs Banks and goes for the cover and Bayley breaks it up. From here, Banks takes over momentum and beats on Cross. While the referee is focusing on Banks and Cross, Asuka emerges and slams Bliss into the ring post and escapes. Banks capitalizes on the advantage and picks up the win with the “Bank Statement”

Segment 2- Roman Reigns Exclusive Interview. Michael Cole asks what Roman says what is his answer to the critics? Reigns explains that he has earned the right to face Goldberg. Reigns says he’s been busting his ass in the main event of every show he’s been on for the past year so its only fitting that he main event Wrestlemania. When addressing what people are calling the “Spear vs. Spear” match, Reigns says he has been preparing for this since he had to relinquish the Universal Championship. Reigns concludes by saying that Goldberg “Doesn’t know what he’s in for”

Segment 3- Kayla Braxton introduces Jeff Hardy. Jeff says it’s great to be back in the WWE. Over the past year off, Jeff says he had to do a lot of soul searching and find somethings. Hardy says the one thing he found was the hunger he used to for have competing and that Jeff Hardy will be great once again. Hardy is interrupted by King Corbin who says that no one has missed Jeff since he has been away. Corbin then mocks Jeff’s recent DUI when he asks if Jeff is ready to “Walk the Straight Line” now that he is back. Jeff then responds by challenging Corbin to a match tonight.

Segment 4- Daniel Bryan approaches Drew Gulak. Bryan says he didn’t believe that Gulak had found holes in his game, but was truly proven wrong in their match at Elimination Chamber. Bryan says he’s still willing to learn if Gulak is still willing to teach. Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura approach as Zayn mocks Bryan. Zayn claims that Bryan must be pretty washed out if he is willing to advice from Drew Gulak. Bryan attempts to walk up on Zayn and the much bigger Cesaro stands in his way. Bryan challenges Cesaro to a match.

Match 2- **Replay From Elimination Chamber** SmackDown Tag-Team Championships, Elimination Chamber Match – The Miz & John Morrison (C) vs New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker) vs Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado). The Usos & New Day are starting this one off & we know Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode will enter last because of their win in the gauntlet match, last Friday on SmackDown. Lucha House Party is in next, Dorado starts hitting springboard stunners on everyone then Metalik goes for a cover on Kofi but Kofi kicks out at 2. Dorado & Metalik hit a pair of moonsaults on Jimmy Uso, Dorado goes for the cover but Jey breaks it up. Kofi & Big E are back up & take out both Dorado & Metalik, Kofi slams Metalik onto Dorado, Kofi goes for a flip onto Dorado but they slip out of the way, big E picks Dorado up & chucks him into the chamber wall but Dorado catches himself & climbs the fence & gets on top of one of the pods, Kofi meets him up there, so does Metalik, Kofi gets pushed off of the pod, Dorado hits a flying cross-body onto both Uso brothers & Metalik hits one onto both members of the New Day. The SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison are next in. They come running right in & attack Kofi Kingston & then Jey Uso. the pair start double teaming Lince Dorado in middle of the ring & Miz plants him with a running kick to the back of the head, goes for the cover but Metalik breaks up the count. Miz throws Metalik into the corner & starts unloading kicks into his mid-section. Jimmy Uso runs into the ring but Miz & Morrison catch him, hit him with a double slam, go for the double cover but Jey is in to break it up. Morrison hits Jey with a springboard kick, Miz covers him but Jey kicks out at 2. Morrison has Dorado lifted above his head & plants him with a slam, goes for the cover but Metalik breaks the cover. Metalik is on top of one of the pods & Morrison follows him up there. Morrison is knocked down to the top rope & Metalik jumps from the pod to Morrison, catches him in mid-air with a hurricarana, goes for the cover & Miz breaks it up. The champions have Kofi in middle of the ring & hit him ewith a double slam, Miz goes for the cover but Big E breaks up the cover. Miz takes down Big E & unloads a few kicks to the mid-section, Big E catches one of them & drills him with a power-bomb, goes for the cover but Morrison breaks it up, as Heavy Machinery enter the match. Otis & Tucker start cleaning house & start mashing both Uso’s against the chamber fence. Tucker hits Metalik with a sidewalk slam goes for the cover but Metalik kicks out. Big E runs into the ring but Otis takes him down. Otis hits Big E with the “Caterpillar” as all members run into the middle of the ring & start brawling, Lince Dorado starts climbing the top of the chamber & hits an insane back-flip onto the entire field of competitors. Otis & Tucker hit the “Compactor” onto Metalik, Otis covers him & gets the 3-count. Lucha House Party is eliminated. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode are now in the match as every team has now entered, they start brawling with Heavy Machinery as the crowd goes wild. Otis has Ziggler in a headlock but Ziggler breaks out & tries to climb the chamber wall to get away, he’s now on top of the pod, but Tucker climbs the other side & smashes Ziggler’s head into the chamber wall & throws him down as Otis catches him & throws him down. Tucker then hits a ridiculous back-flip off of the pod onto the other members of the match. Ziggler & Roode get up & start double teaming Otis but Otis throws them both down before they can throw him into the chamber wall. Roode saves Ziggler form being throw into the pod but Otis levels him with a back-drop then tries to spear Ziggler through the pod, Ziggler ducks out of the way & Otis goes through the pod & breaks through the entire side of the chamber & ends up on the outside of the ring. The referees & medical staff atrend to Otis as Tucker looks extremely mad, he gets in the ring & starts brawling with Ziggler & Roode but Ziggler hits a super-kick on Tucker then Roode follows it up with a “Glorious DDT”, they both cover Tucker & get the pin-fall. Heavy Machinery is eliminated as the medical staff escort Otis to the back. Ziggler & Roode taunt them but Kofi takes out Ziggler & Big E hits the “Big Ending” on Roode then The Uso’s hit simultaneous dives form the top of the pods onto the 2 of them & cover each of them for the elimination. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode are eliminated. The Uso’s & New Day stare down Miz & Morrison as they take down the champions with a double team then they throw them out of the ring. The Uso’s plant super-kicks on Big E & Kofi then hit Kofi with a Samoan Drop, go for the cover but Kofi kicks out at a 2-count. They then plant Big E with a Samoan Drop, go for the cover but he also kicks out at 2. Kofi gets Jey down, climbs to the top of one of the pods, goes for a cross-body, misses & Miz & Morrison run into the ring & double-cover Kofi & pick-up the elimination. The New Day are eliminated. We’re down to the SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison & The Uso’s. The Uso’s each hit super-kicks on the champs, both go for a cover, but both Miz & Morrison kick out. The Uso’s each go for a dive off of the pod, Jimmy plants Morrison but Miz gets his knees in the way of Jey & rolls him up while Jimmy covers Morrison but they both kick out. Not sure what would have happened if the both got the 3-count, there. Anyway, Miz hits a “Skull-Crushing Finale” on Jey, goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Morrison then hits a “Star-ship Pain” on Jey, goes for the cover but Jimmy breaks it up, plants Morrison with a super-kick, goes for a cover but Morrison kicks out. Morrison & Miz then roll up Jimmy with very creative double cover using the ropes & get the 3-count. STILL SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison.

Segment 5- Michael Cole and Triple H sit ringside with Mojo Rawley. Mojo addresses the rumors involving his friend, Rob Grownkowski, coming to WWE. Mojo confirms that the rumors are true and that while as of now, nothing has been signed, Gronk will appear on Smackdown next Friday.

Match 3- Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro begins in a collar and elbow tie up with Cesaro overpowering Bryan. Cesaro dominates early and drops Bryan after a series of uppercuts. After the commercial, Bryan is able to rally and deliver a series of uppercuts and “Yes! Kicks” to Cesaro. Bryan has Cesaro in the corner and looks to hit a running knee. Cesaro reverses and throws Bryan into the Air and delivers a harsh uppercut. Cesaro goes for the cover and Bryan kicks out. Cesaro proceeds to put Bryan into a crossface submission which Bryan is able to reverse into a series of roll up pins. Bryan wins by rolling up Cesaro. After the match, Nakamura attacks Bryan and Drew Gulak comes to the rescue. Cesaro and Nakamura beat Gulak all over ringside. Out of nowhere, Daniel Bryan suicide dives through the ropes and launches Nakamura across the announce table, sending Zayn and Cesaro retreating.

Match 4- Jeff Hardy vs King Corbin begins with Corbin attacking Hardy prior the the bell ringing. Corbin isn’t able to capitalize on the sneak attack for very long as Hardy is able to recover quickly. The two go back and forth for a short period of time until Hardy goes for the “Twist of Fate.” Corbin reverses and throws Jeff across the ring. Corbin whips Hardy Across the ropes and into “Deep-Six,” Jeff kicks out at two. Elias stands on the announce table and begins playing the guitar, drawing the attention of Corbin. Hardy capitalizes on the distraction and hits a “Twist of Fate” followed by a “Swanton Bomb” to pick up the win in his return to Smackdown.

Segment 6- John Cena addresses his Wrestlemania Match against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt . John says that Bray is just like every other superstar he has had to face. People that want to be the top guy in the business but cant handle the work load. He says Bray didn’t beat him because Bray got lazy, just like the others who couldn’t beat him. Cena says that WWE needs to invest in names likes, Riddle, Ripley, Ciampa, McIntyre, and Velveteen Dream instead of giving people like Bray Wyatt another chance to be the top guy. Cena says the reason he accepted the Fiend’s challenge was the take him out of the equation. Bray Wyatt is heard laughing uncontrollably, the camera cuts and Wyatt is sitting in the front row of the empty stands. Wyatt says Cena has earned his attention. Wyatt accuses Cena of lying when Cena says he cares about the future because “John Cena only cares about John Cena” according to Wyatt. Bray continues by saying that Cena broke him years ago, but the Fiend put him back together. Wyatt concludes by saying, “At Wrestlemania, it’s going to be a slaughter. You just don’t know it yet. Let me in, John.”

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