#freejulia is Trending After Julia Rose Said She Believes Someone was Paid to Take Down Her Instagram Accounts – @JuliaRose_33

Buckle up SHAGMAG and Julia Rose fans and stans.

Famous social media model and founder of SHAGMAG, Julia Rose, posted a long thread tweet of her story of how she is trying to get her personal and business Instagram accounts back and it is a doozy.

Julia said that her accounts would be brought back if only she signed a contract for money and assets, and that if she registers and labels herself as a male in the process.

In the thread, she also believes that someone on Instagram was getting paid to take down her accounts. She has then reached out to one of the supervisors, but they have not responded.

Basically what Julia is asking if the platform can compare and express fairness for her company and magazines to Playboy.

However later, Julia would post this exact same rant on Instagram and the short thread was taken down in less than an hour.

Well it appears that Julia is now going to war in the battle of censorship regarding Instagram and other platforms on social media. This beef is just getting started and it is about to get juicy real quick.

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