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Frank the Tank is The Most Electric Barstool Employee @NjTank99

Without question Frank the Tank is the gift that keeps on giving. The thing about the Tank that is so compelling is he is funny without even trying. There are a lot of Barstool people that are ‘funny’ but more times it is there schtick that makes them funny, Frank seems to have no schtick he is funny just being him. These past few weeks leading up to the Jose and Billy fight was just the icing on the cake solidifying Frank’s role as top content king.

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Frank provides great moments just being Frank without having to have a stupid schtick or anything. One of the best personalities Barstool has to offer and this is what makes Barstool so great, Dave knows talent and he knows it comes in many different spaces and sizes. I feel as though Tank does not get enough appreciation from us Stoolies at times (unless Jose Canseco threatens to beat the Tank up) but Friday showcased the brilliance that is Frank the Tank.

I mean just look at this picture alone he is on a private jet with Dave, what a dream team by the way with Spider included. If you need more examples here is probably the most electric and strange conversation by the two absolute powerhouse of Barstool

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