Fox Sports Messes Up Score Bug and Calls Iowa the “Buckeyes” #B1GFCG

Written by austenlange

Nobody gets disrespected more than a Big 10 not named Ohio State. While Ohio State has made a very steady appearance each and every year to the Big 10 Championship game, this year was an “off year” as the team lost two games and missed the conference championship. With Iowa sneaking into the championship it was apparent that the Big 10 wasn’t happy with the idea of not having Ohio State.

If we all put on our tin foil hats for a second let me place out my conspiracy.

The NCAA wants big ratings and big money for the teams in the final 4 and they are TERRIFIED Cincinnati will make it in. So they let Georgia lose to Bama today to push up Notre Dame, and then had Houston play Cincy in a tight game for the American Conference. ALL OF THIS TO ALLOW A 2 SEC TEAM PLAYOFF.

I’m however, not opposed. Iowa, Cincy, and Notre Dame all fucking suck and don’t belong in the same category as any other of the top 5 teams.

It’s just crazy to see all of this conspiracy happening right in front of our faces and we all just take it as coincidentally.

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