Four Years Ago Today, We All Lost Craig Sager

Written by schultzyca

A staple of NBA sidelines, a pillar of hope for many, an inspiration to everyone he touched. The world lost legendary reporter Craig Sager four years ago today. Sager was a tremendous reporter and seemed to be an even better human being. He has countless memorabilia moments during his time as a reporter from his moments with Greg Popovich and his classic interview with Kevin Garnett where he told Craig to burn his whole suit.

He served as an inspiration for many people on how he dealt with his cancer battle and how he fought it until the end still doing what he loved…covering basketball. He delivered one of the most powerful speeches ever at the ESPY’s.

Pop Smoke gave us a GOAT level line “Report like I’m Craig Sager” he was such an icon and I will never forget him and everything he did for the sports journalism community. He was not only a legend for his contributions for reporting but he was iconic for his taste in fashion. There will never be someone else like Craig there could be many imitators but not he original.

What a moment, what a career, what a person. We thank you Craig for all your contributions and we miss you dearly. Thank you for everything you did and proving to everyone you can always be yourself and never to change for anyone ever.

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