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Four Women Allegedly Assault Disabled Army Veteran at Louisville Kroger Parking Lot

This past weekend on Mother’s Day, a disabled army veteran was attacked at a parking lot at a Louisville Kroger by a group of black women that was blocking her in her handicapped spot as she was leaving.

Reported by WAVE 3 of Louisville and shared by Independent Chronicle, Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown was attempting to back out of her spot when the group of women shouted profanities at her and then poured contents from a cup at the veteran before beating her in that lot.


“I get out and I say, ‘Do you guys need any help?’ and she said, ‘F*** you, you white b****.’ I said, ‘Hold on, you don’t even know me,’” Brown describing what happened via WAVE 3 Louisville. “I said, ‘That’s fine. If you don’t need anything, that’s fine. I’ll get back in the car.’”

“I mean, they were beating me, and I was in a fetal position, covering my face, making sure they didn’t get my eyes,” she added.

Brown has stated that her attack was broken up by onlookers at the parking lot, and not by security. She has suffered a broken nose from the incident.

Brown and her husband, Edward, believe that race has played a motive or role in the attack, as it is reported that her husband is black and their children are biracial. The family is now fearing that a similar attack could happen if the group is not found.

As of today on May 15, the incident is still under investigation. If anyone in the surrounding areas of the city know any whereabouts of the perpetrators of the incident, they are encouraged to call the Louisville Metro Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (502) 574-LMPD (5673).

**Headline/Article Photo Courtesy to WAVE 3 Louisville/Facebook; Video of story is available in link at the top of the article**

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