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Fortnite World Cup Champion Ends Up Being Victim of Swatting Incident On Livestream

Written by Robert Workman

So you may recall a few weeks back a story we put up on Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, a 16-year old who conquered the Fortnite World Cup championship. As a result, he walked away with $3 million and a whole lot of news coverage. Unfortunately, it looks like he also got a lot of resentment from fellow players, as he became the victim of a “swatting” incident the other day, in which the police paid a visit to his house during a livestream.

“Swatting,” as some may recall, involve someone giving the police a call and reporting some kind of incident that results in armed officers showing up at someone’s door. In the past, it’s actually resulted in lethal consequences, with one Call of Duty player going to jail as a result.

The live video from the incident, which took place on August 10, can actually be seen below. The first video featured Bugha live on camera when the police first show up. There’s nothing frightening here, mind you, but you can kind of hear what’s going on when they arrive.

He comes back a few minutes later, explaining, “They come in with guns, bro. They literally pulled up, holy shit.” He was scared for a bit. But fortunately, the situation was defused pretty quickly, since the officers seem to know Bugha pretty well from his recent win in the Fortnite circuit. Then it’s back to streaming business as usual, as this video explains. 

Swatting is ugly, to say the least, but some players are still taking advantage of it, poor sports that still think of it as a “fun” activity, But clearly it isn’t. Fortunately, Bugha is okay, and here’s hoping that players won’t try it again. Alas, we probably haven’t seen the last of it.

Kudos to Kotaku  for the details.

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