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Fortnite World Cup Champ Took Home More Prize Money Than Tiger Woods and Other Winners

Who says it doesn’t pay to be a video game champ?

As you might have seen from our story yesterday, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf scored a huge victory during the inaugural Fortnite World Cup championship, earning over $3 million by wiping out the competition. But based on some interesting stats, it also shows he’s managed to outearn a few other champs for 2019 as well. At least, for the moment.

ESPN showed some interesting statistics below. In it, it measures how Giersdorf was able to attain more money from a single win than other champions in other sports categories. This includes Tiger Woods, who managed to take home $2 million for his win with The Masters; Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic, who earned nearly $3 million for his win this year; and Brooks Koepka, who earned $1.98 million with his PGA earnings. Check out the comparison tweet below.

So what does this mean? Well, there’s still a few months to go, and Giersdorf could easily enter more championships if he wishes to see how much further he could take his career, if he chooses. Keep in mind that he’s only 16 years old, and, although he may have school to attend and all, he could easily enter a tournament on the weekends (after he finishes homework, mind you) and take care of the competition. We’re sure his parents probably wouldn’t mind with the winnings and all.

Still, congrats to Giersdorf. This is a huge step, and only goes to show you can’t be too young to start a championship run somewhere!

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