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Fortnite Streamer Ninja Is Making The Move To Microsoft’s Mixer, and It’s a Huge Move For the Network

Written by Robert Workman

You may recall last year how Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made history for Twitch by streaming with R & B star Drake while playing Fortnite, with millions tuning in and creating a sense of unity that we haven’t seen on streaming services since. Well, those days are apparently about to change, as the streamer is changing up where he’ll be playing next.

Ninja took to his Twitter account today to announce that he’s making the shift over to Microsoft’s Mixer service exclusively, starting today. You can see the announcement below, where he playfully takes a few questions from people, announcing his allegiance to the new service.

At the moment, Twitch is probably reeling from the news, since he has such a huge draw there. Still, that didn’t stop them from removing his “Verified” badge on there.

Mixer has already confirmed that anyone who becomes a Ninja subscriber on the channel will be able to do so for free. They’ll be able to do so with no ads, and will also gain access to Ninja themed emoticons as well.

The first stream on the service will take place starting tomorrow, August 2, during the Lollapalooza event. He notes that the move will bring him back to his roots. No word yet on what he’ll stream, but Halo seems like a likely place, as that was a game where he got his start.

We do wish Ninja the best of luck on his move. This’ll mean big things for Mixer in the future – though it’ll be interesting to see how Twitch recovers. Maybe they’ll sign their own big stars…?

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