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Fortnite Players Sue Epic Games Over Security Breach

Even though Fortnite may be the most unbeatable game in the world when it comes to its profits, that doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable when it comes to lawsuits. A new report suggests that a security breach may have leaked some major credit card data and personal information of over 200 million players. And as a result, a class action lawsuit has been filed.

A cybersecurity firm by the name of Check Point pointed out these flaws, which Epic Games took care of quickly earlier in the year. However, the lawsuit was filed this past week, with more than 100 players taking part in it. It was filed in the U.S. District Court in North Carolina.

“Check Point notified Epic Games of the vulnerability in November of 2018. Not until two months later did Epic Games acknowledge the flaw. Epic Games did not disclose how many accounts were affected by the data breach,” the law firm said. “…affected Fortnite users have suffered an ascertainable loss in that they have had fraudulent charges made to their credit or debit cards and must undertake additional security measures, some at their own expense, to minimize the risk of future data breaches including cancelling credit cards associated with their Epic Games/Fortnite accounts and changing passwords for those accounts.”

It’s unknown if Epic Games will settle on the matter or move forward in court. They’ve faced legal battles before with “stolen” popular dances, but easily won that battle. This, however, could be a little bit trickier, since player information has made its way into public hands. We’ll see how it goes.

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