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Fortnite Gamer Ninja Wants To Help You Become an “Unstoppable” Gamer With New Books

Written by Robert Workman

Let’s say you want to be as good a Fortnite player as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. So…what’s stopping you? You think you don’t have the skills to keep up? Well, he’s about to produce a book that’s going to help you with that.

The player, who found his way to fame with an all-star gaming session with R & B star Drake a while back, has a new book coming out called “Ninja: Get Good,” set to publish next month. It intends to reveal “hard-working tips” for those that want to push their way into the gaming mainstream. This includes “using the best equipment, practicing with purpose, developing a mainstream strategy, and pulling together the right team.”

In addition, a Ninja Notebook will also become available, which would-be gamers can use to put together their own tips. It also has stickers and prompts they can use however they see fit, as well as Ninja’s own specialty gaming tips for particular games.

“As a team we’ve been pursuing Ninja for some time and we are thrilled that in Get Good he has produced a hugely entertaining but incredibly practical book about the art and science of gaming,” Emma Smith, editorial direct at publisher Ebury, noted in a press release. “It is going to give players across the world exactly what they want — the inside track on how to be the next Ninja.”

The Get Good book can be pre-ordered here; and the Ninja Notebook can be pre-ordered here. Who’s ready to get good?!

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