With Borderlands 3 set to release next month, you’d think we would see enough mayhem in that game. But it appears that Epic Games has other plans, as it’s using a little bit of that Gearbox magic for its own game, Fortnite.

The company has revealed that a few cosmetics from the forthcoming Borderlands sequel are set to make their debut in its hit Battle Royale game as soon as the game comes back up from its v10.20 downtime, which shouldn’t be too long. Once that happens…well, watch the trailer below, and you can get a good idea of what’s in store.

First up, Paradise Palms, which has become Moisty Mire, will now see a transformation – into Pandora. Yep, that familiar location from the world of Borderlands. And for good measure, you’ll run into a couple of particular characters along the way – the Psycho (as a cosmetic outfit) and Claptrap (who will serve as back bling, and probably talk up a storm as far as we know). In addition, you’ll also be able to unlock a number of wraps and sprays along the way, along with a traditional banner that features the Borderlands logo.

These items will be on hand once the game makes its return online again, which shouldn’t be too much longer now. That’s good news for those that want a little Borderlands madness before the third chapter of the series releases on September 13. And, hey, it’ll be compatible with Switch, where Borderlands has yet to tread. So there’s that at least right?

Check out the screenshots below and get ready for Fortnite goodness on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC sooner rather than later. Who’s ready for some Psychos in Pandora?!


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