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Former Vivid Video Star Jenteal Passes Away

Written by Shannon Walsh

Jenteal, who was a hugely popular adult entertainment star from 1994 to 2000, died on 10/30/20 at the age of 44 in what appears to be a tragic and bizarre situation. She was having ongoing medical issues with her foot after getting a tattoo on it back in June. The situation ended up requiring surgery and she passed away from complications after the procedure.

She had been living in the Philippines and started doing adult content on OnlyFans earlier this year. She became active on social media in 2015 after what she described as a ”15 year absence” from acting and modeling. She was traveling to exotic places all over the world in recent years teaching English.

Jenteal was born in Northern California as Reanna Lynn Rossi. She began her adult entertainment career at age 18. Despite her popularity, and making the cover of several videos and magazines during her time in the industry, she is not in the AVN Hall of Fame as of yet.

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