Former Tennessee Titans TE Frank Wychek has passed away at the age of 52.

In a statement from his family, “at this time, it appears Wycheck fell inside his Chattanooga, TN home and hit his head on Saturday morning. He was found unresponsive that afternoon.”

His family plans to work with experts for on-going brain injury (TBI) and CTE research.

Wycheck retired after 11 NFL seasons in 2003. He finished his career with 505 receptions, 5,126 yards and 28 touchdowns over 155 games.

Wychek was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He leaves behind two adult daughters, Deanna and Madison, both married, and three grandchildren.

Wychek is famously known for the Music City Miracle play. Wycheck threw a cross-field pass to Kevin Dyson during the AFC Wild Card game against the Buffalo Bills on Jan. 8, 2000. Dyson then went 75 yards for a touchdown in the Titans win.

Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Roberto Borea.


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