Former Soccer Goal Keeper Petr Cech is Now a Hockey Goalie

Written by Nik D

If you can stop a ball, you can stop a puck. Right?

That’s what former Chelsea goal keeper Petr Cech is trying to accomplish at least.

Cech is set to make his professional debut as a hockey goaltender this Sunday for United Kingdom hockey team, the Guildford Phoenix.

Cech has a bit of experience playing goalie in hockey, having played in a retirement game for Martin Havlat in the Czech Republic.

Of Cech’s performance and transition to hockey Havlat said, “No, it’s just the same thing as soccer. He’s in the net, right? Same thing for him, nothing changes. Just stop the puck or stop the ball, right? Just enjoy it, it’s going to be fun.”

While I don’t think it will be quite as easy as Havlat makes it sound, it will be interesting to see how Cech does switching sports.

In soccer, goal keepers routinely face less than ten shots per game, while in hockey, Cech can expect to see about 30 pucks slung at him every game.

People love following athletes switching sports. Just look at Tim Tebow. People are still talking about him as a baseball player, even with with .495 OPS in AAA.

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