Former NFL star CB Richard Sherman has been a big time critic of Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence, saying that he has not lived up to to the “generational talent” label that was placed on the former 2021 number one overall draft pick.

So when I make an assessment that Trevor Lawrence hasn’t been the generational talent he was billed to be coming out of Clemson, Jags fans were up in arms. The tape doesn’t lie,” Sherman wrote.

“The team has won because the defense has gotten turnovers. At this point Trevor Lawrence has more turnovers than TDs on the season. Despite that his team has been winning. He has all the talent in the world however that has not been showcased consistently.”

Very strong statement by Sherman. I have to admit that he may be right, Lawrence has not lived up to the hype.

Lawrence has been good, but he was made out to be the next Peyton Manning and that has not happened.

For the 2023 season, Lawrence has thrown for 2,120 yards with 9 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

Lawrence did lead the Jaguars to the playoffs last year and they had a victory in the Wild Card Round. This year the Jaguars are 6-3 and lead AFC South.

Time will tell, if Lawrence will become one of the best QBs in the league. Right now, I think that he ranks outside the top ten.

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence. Photo courtesy of Bob Self/Florida Times-Union


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