Former NFL QB’s Son Arrested For Fatal Hit-And-Run

Written by Tony Ghaul

Walter Andrew Brister IV, the 21-year-old son of former NFL QB Walter Andrew “Bubby” Brister III, has been arrested following a fatal hit-and-run that occurred near LSU over the weekend.

Brister has been accused of striking a pedestrian named Jude Jarreau late Saturday, surrendered to Baton Rouge police on Wednesday.

Brister, a college football player, was booked on a charge of felony hit-and-run. He played QB at Northern Colorado as a freshman in 2021.

His father “Bubby” is a two-time Super Bowl champion, who was originally drafted by the Steelers in 1986. He later bounced around the league, playing for clubs including the Jets, Broncos and Eagles.

Steelers QB Bubby Bristser in November 1988. Photo courtsey of The New York Post

The 44-year-old Jarreau is said to have been attempting to cross Ben Hur Road when he was hit by an SUV, per police. The vehicle allegedly took off before authorities arrived. Jarreau died at the scene.

Brister is said to have fatally struck Jude Jarreau (pictured), 44, in a black Range Rover as he was crossing the 500 block of Ben Hur Road. Brister allegedly fled before police arrived. Photo courtsey of The Daily Mail

Brister is represented by high-profile Baton Rouge defense attorney John McLindon. McLindon called investigators Sunday morning to report that his client was the person they were looking for, District Attorney Hillar Moore said. Arrangements were then made for Brister to turn himself in Wednesday.

Walter Andrew Brister IV, the son of former NFL player Walter “Bubby” Brister, turned himself in to authorities over a fatal hit-and-run over the weekend. Photo courtsey of The New York Post

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