Former Michigan RB De’Veon Smith Cut From USFL Team For Wanting Pizza Over Chicken Salad (Video)

Former Michigan standout Running Back De’Veon Smith was cut from USFL’s Pittsburgh Maulers. Was he cut for poor play? No. Legal issues? Also, no. He was released by Pittsburgh Maulers head coach Kirby Wilson for not liking chicken salad and preferring pizza instead. No, this is not a joke.

“Any disrespect to the staff, USFL, hotel, etc. will not be tolerated.” What an absolute clown. It’s disrespectful to not like chicken salad? De’Veon Smith even calmly tried to explain the situation and what happened, but chicken salad warrior Kirby Wilson wouldn’t even hear him out. Credit to De’Veon for handling this clown show so calmly and professional.

What would have happened if De’Veon wanted to order some wings? Would the cops be called for such a brutal crime? Just an insane move and nothing more than a power trip for no apparent reason, other than the disrespect to chicken salad.

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