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Former Math Teacher Turned Boxer Plans On Doing A Fully Nude Weigh-In?

Written by TrevStone

This is something that I’m all in on! And this is something that I can fully get behind…. literally. Former Math teacher turned Pro Boxer Ebanie Bridges might be planning on doing a fully nude weigh-in and I don’t blame her.

During a recent Instagram live she was asked if she would do a fully naked weigh-in if she had too. She replied saying “I might have to at my next one…. See yas there”

If I were her and I could possibly make more money from just doing my weigh-in naked, I’d too. I mean look at her, she’s a dime. She said in the past she’d never do OnlyFans, but if I were her. Especially if she ever did a fully naked weigh-in. (Click here to see her hottest pictures)

Make your paper girl.

I wonder if Eddie Hearn and Matchroom boxing would allow this? They’re known for making some shocking moves. I mean, Hearn took a shot on Jake Paul at first.

How about take a shot on Edbanie Bridges and allow her to do it naked? And bring in another side of fans?

All I know is that she is very hot. Flip the page to see more pictures of her. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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