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Former Eagles Safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson Runs His Mouth

Written by Tony Ghaul

Former Eagles Safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson has a big mouth and he continued his offseason ranting with another idiotic comment. This time he attacked the Eagles fan base.

Gardner-Johnson was streaming while playing video games when he said a fan paid him five dollars to answer what his favorite and least favorites part of Philadephia were.

“Alright, f— it,” Gardner-Johnson began. “My least favorite thing is the people. They’re f—ing obnoxious. I f—ing can’t stand the f—ers.”

Gardner-Johnson spent last season with the Eagles following a trade from the New Orleans Saints. He enjoyed great success and so did the Eagles team last year.

Last year, Gardner-Johnson a league-leading total of six interceptions and the Eagles went 14-3, won the NFC Championship and lost in the Super Bowl by just three points.

In March, the Lions signed Gardner-Johnsonthe former fourth-round safety to a one-year $6.5 million guaranteed contract and $1.5 million in incentives.

Before leaving Philadelphia, Gardner-Johnson had his KIA stolen in the city.

“I know exactly who stole my sh*t, don’t worry we got y’all on camera. That’s how y’all get down in Philly.. after a win?” Gardner-Johnson posted on his Instagram Live.

Gardner-Johnson has has been critical of the Eagles defensive staff in the past. He called out former Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon and him for the Eagles 38-35 loss in the Super Bowl.

Gardner-Johnson is a talented player, but he’s definitely a loose cannon. He seems to be very immature. It has been reported that his act did not play well in the Eagles locker room.

The Eagles will be better off without Gardner-Johnson’s mouth and personality. He is now the Lions problem.

Former Eagles S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Photo courtsey of BILL STREICHER/USA TODAY SPORTS

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