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Former Detroit Lions WR Talks About Getting Boo’d During 1st Quarter At Home Games

During an interview on The TrevStone Show, former NFL wide receiver and kick returner Reggie Swinton said that Lions fans would boo as early as the first quarter at home games.

Swinton played in Detroit in 2004 and 2005, or peak Millen era. Fans during these years were especially ornery with the team and its management. Booing was a regular occurrence at Lions home game those days.

Swinton said:

“When I played in Dallas, 2001 and 2002, no matter the score our fans they stayed and cheered. Cowboy fans, man they are the best. I get traded to Green Bay in ’03, and I never get into a game with them, they cut me in ten days and I come to the Lions.”

“The first game I played with them (the Lions), happened to be against the Cowboys, who I was with two and a half weeks earlier. That was kind of weird for me. And here it is, it was the first quarter, Quincy Carter, he threw a touchdown pass to Terry Glenn. It was mid-first quarter and all I hear was boooo, and I turn around to Az Hakim and I say ‘why they booing’, and he said ‘get used to it young fella’.”

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