For The Miami Heat, This Was Not A Fluke

The Boston Celtics showed little fight today’s game 7 as they came up short with their comeback from being down 3-0 against the Miami Heat. The Heat became just the second 8th seed in league history to advance all the way to the NBA finals. 

Jimmy Butler won the Eastern Conference Finals MVP but fans immediately pointed out that emerging Miami Heat forward Caleb Martin was also worthy of the award for his unbelievable performance this series.

Things are also going in Miami’s favor as Tyler Herro, their third leading scorer this season, has eyed a return on the court around game three in the upcoming Nuggets vs Heat Finals series. 

Herro’s impending return will definitely boost Miami’s Cinderella run and the former 6th man of the year will undoubtedly help in Miami’s scoring department against the Denver Nuggets.

Just last year, Miami was defeated by the Celtics in 7 games but Jimmy Butler confidently predicted last year that they will be in the same position again this year but Miami will come out on the top. 

Believe it or not, Boston actually had the upper hand in this game as they were the first team to be down by 3-0 to force a game 7 on their homecourt. Sadly, history is still undefeated as there’s no NBA team who went down 0-3 and went on to win an NBA seven game series. 

While the Nuggets vs Heat series doesn’t feature the glitz and glamor franchises in the league, we can all agree that the NBA Finals will be a dog fight. Make no mistake, the Heat’s run isn’t a fluke. They are mean dogs who will bite whoever belittle their abilities.

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