For The 7th Straight Year, Jim Harbaugh is Rumored To Be Leaving Michigan For The NFL

University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is the topic of conversation every single off season. Every year once Michigan’s season is over, pretty much every media outlet begins speculating on which open NFL head coaching job Harbaugh will take.

This year, it’s the Las Vegas Raiders. After Jon Gruden had a bunch of questionable e-mails surface and was fired during the middle of the season, the Raiders are this years hot spot for Harbaugh to land.

As a Michigan fan, I would love for Harbaugh to stay at Michigan. If you asked me (and majority of Michigan fans) this question at the beginning of this season, I would’ve said fuck it, let his ass leave.

But this year, in Harbaugh’s seventh season at Michigan, he finally got his swagger back and was able to beat Ohio State and win a Big Ten title.

Every offseason there are a million articles circulating the internet speculating which NFL job Jim will leave for, and every year I just roll my eyes and skim past them. But… if there were ever a year for Harbaugh to bounce back to the NFL, this might be it. There just was no way Harbaugh was ever going to leave his Alma Mater without at least beating Ohio State once.

I really think Harbaugh has always wanted to go back to the NFL. I mean, he had a ton of success there with the 49’ers. Harbaugh is a super competitive guy, so you think he wants his brother John shit talking him at every holiday get together for beating him in the Super Bowl after the Niners lost to the Ravens? Imagine Harbaugh eating his steak and milk dinner pounding the table while listening to that.

Stay at Michigan and win a National title. Then go to whichever NFL team pays you the most. That would be really cool, Jim.

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