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Football is Back

Written by Nick Chinners

After 177 days football is back. It’s the hall of fame game featuring the Broncos and the Falcons. I for one can not wait. Granted I’m biased because I am a Broncos fan. It’s always great to see Americas game back on the silver screen. Now I’m dumb and have a small brain but as I sit here typing this on August 1st 2019 I really believe the Broncos can win the Super Bowl. Insert laughter here. Thats what makes the pre season great though, everybody has a chance even though this probably ends with the Pats hoisting the Lombardi trophy in February. 

Anyway I know what most football fans do during this game. They get real excited that football is back and then they watch like a quarter with players playing they have never heard of then turn it off and say well football is almost back. We’ll I’m gonna provide a couple of reasons to watch tonight. 

Drew Lock should get a decent amount of playing time tonight. This might not excite everyone but this was a quarterback some thought could have gone in the top 10 in April. He fell to the second round and the Broncos traded back up to get him. I’m excited to see what he does. Gotta be honest camp reports haven’t been great, even new head coach Vic Fangio said that he doesn’t look like a quarterback, whatever that means. None the less though, he was considered a top flight QB of this class and that’s always fun to see.

Matt Schaub is gonna play a decent chunk for the Falcons. He throws a lot of pick sixes that’s it thats the paragraph. 

Now some guys to look out for. First for the Broncos, Brandon Langley. He was a corner back originally old Johnny Botox selected in the third round in 2017 and he didn’t do much. Now he is transitioning to a wide receiver, outside of Devin Hester that never really works but hey its something to keep an eye on.

For the Falcons they are featuring a couple of draft busts of the defensive side.  Stephone Anthony was a first round pick by the Saints from the 15 draft. At the time everyone thought it was a reach but the Saints. The Saints were wrong which is crazy based on how well they have drafted recently. Anthony had a stint with the dolphins last year and didn’t sign with the Falcons until July 26th so this could be his last shot at the NFL.

The Falcons also have Ra’Shede Hageman, who the Falcons picked in the second round in 2014 and never did anything from the defensive tackle position. He was just kind of there. He then got in off the field trouble for domestic violence and was out of football for the last two seasons. The Falcons resigned him in April and just like Anthony this will most likely be Hagemans last chance at the NFL.

Then lastly for the Broncos they feature a running back named Kahlfani Muhammad. He participated in the 40 yards of gold event over the summer. The concept was NFL players would duel in 40 yard dashes and the winner would get a million dollars. Muhammad didn’t win but hey, maybe he gets a hole tonight and scores a long touchdown or something.

Anyway I digress football is back and that’s all that matters. Go Broncos!

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