Football betting by phone card: Should or not?

Football betting by phone card is one of the most popular forms of betting today among bettors. Instead of using cash, game cards, etc. Some bettors use scratch cards as the main means of transaction. 

In this article,  Madmax – the betting expert at Thabet will share the information about football betting by phone card that you should know. It will help you know if you should bet on football with a mobile card or not? 

What is football betting by phone card?

Football betting by phone card is a form of betting. It uses phone scratch cards of many different carriers to transact and pay for the football matches that you want to invest in.

Instead of depositing and withdrawing money with cash, game cards, etc., players can now transact easily through phone cards.

For cash transactions, players must link to a bank account and have to go through many complicated verification steps.

While with a phonecard, players only need to buy a scratch card from any network operator that the house supports. After that, you just need to scratch, enter the code and wait for a few minutes, the money will be added to your betting account immediately.

Each card type will be equivalent to the virtual money in your account. However, most bookies will charge a fee for this type of transaction. Usually, it will fall between 25 – 30% of the face value of scratch cards.

Football betting by phone card uses phone scratch cards to transact and pay for the football matches

Football betting by phone scratch card: Should or not?

Although this is a very hot form of betting in recent times, you need to refer to its advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

Advantages of betting with scratch cards

It can be said that the advantages of this form are quite a lot, you can immediately refer to:

  • Being quick and easy

Transactions with scratch cards will usually be faster and easier than other forms of transactions. Almost all bookies support this payment gateway. As soon as you make a deposit and just wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute, the money will immediately be added to your betting account.

  • Convenience without taking many steps

Instead of having to link a bank account, verify and pay online. It makes you have to do many complicated steps. You just need to proceed to enter the scratch code and the card’s serial number to complete.

This way of trading is suitable for those who do not have much time or those who do not have much experience in online betting.

  • Don’t worry about mischarging

Many people unintentionally often overcharge the amount they want. As a result, they lose all their money in an instant because they cannot control themselves when they enter the bet.

Therefore, the transaction by scratch card will help you top up the exact amount you want. There is no surplus and no shortage, thereby helping players manage their bets more effectively.

  • Managing your bets effectively

As mentioned above, depositing bets by phone card will help you control your finances easily. As a result, players will know when to stop to better manage their profit and loss. Because you also know, if you win, you’re greedy and if you lose, you want to remove it. This mentality is always a mistake that most gamblers make.

Depositing bets by phone card will help you control your finances easily

  • Security

If you do not want your banking or personal information to be exposed, a card transaction will meet this security requirement for you. This is a secure form of payment. You don’t have to worry about legal problems.

Playing football betting online without breaking the law will no longer be a worry. You are completely anonymous with this form of transaction.

  • Many promotions

In addition to deposit promotions, many bookmakers also have many attractive incentives related to players using scratch card transaction portals to deposit bets. So you will enjoy one more promotional bonus. Therefore, the profit level will be optimized at the best.

Disadvantages of betting on football with network scratch cards

The biggest disadvantage of this form of transaction is that you will have to pay a fee. The highest fee ever recorded at an online bookie is 30%. For example, if you deposit a card of 100,000 USD and the fee is 30%, the total virtual money you receive in your betting account will only be 70,000 USD.

Top 5 most prestigious football betting sites by phone card

Based on reviews from experts and longtime football betting players, we have found the top 5 most reputable mobile card football betting bookmakers that you should join.

1. Fi88

Fi88 is a new bookie established in 2020. It is a great site to play casino scratch card payment betting. Up to now, this online betting site has attracted a large number of players to participate.

Although a new casino, we rely on positive reviews from the community and development. We consider Fi88 to be a reputable betting site that you should register to play.

With great financial potential, you will certainly not need to worry about problems related to the payment of bets. At the same time, the fee for depositing and withdrawing scratch cards is currently being supported by Fi88 at a low level. You should take this opportunity to play today.

Fi88 is a great site to play casino scratch card payment betting

2. M88

M88 is the number 1 football betting site in Asia in recent years. In addition to football betting, players can also participate in many other game genres such as live casinos, slot games, shooting fish, etc.

3. Aw8

Although a rookie, Aw8 is a new betting site from Malaysia that has emerged in recent times. According to the information we have, Aw8 is the home page of the famous BK8.

It is known that Aw8 is spending a huge amount of money to promote its brand. This is also an opportunity for players to participate in many attractive incentives.

4. W88

W88 has been named the top bookie site in Asia for the past 8 years. With an illustrious reputation, W88 provides players with a quick scratch card top-up service.

Not only in the field of football, W88 is also in the top 5 casinos in many different fields such as live casinos, slot games, exploding reward boxes, online Poker casinos, etc.

5. Fun88

Being in the list of the top 5 football bookmakers can’t be without the appearance of Fun88. With full ownership of the operating licenses in the online gambling industry, players can completely rest assured when depositing their bets here.

Fun88 is on the list of the top 5 most prestigious football bookmakers


The above is useful information about betting with phone scratch cards. Hopefully, this article will help you know if you should choose this form of football betting or not.

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