Flyers Vs. Jackets: A Hockey Game with a David Vs. Goliath Fight, SportsCenter Top Ten Goal, and an Unexpected, Famous Viewer

Written by iamthunder

Well judging by the title you came to read and see exciting things. So I’ll knock the disappointing part out of the way first. The Jackets lost, 4-3 in overtime to the Flyers. Now, if you’re from Philadelphia or just a Flyers fan, then good for you, and fall in a hole.

Now to the fun part! In the last minute of the second period of this match up, 5’4″ Nathan Gerbe of the Blue Jackets laid a big hit on Claude Giroux of the Flyers (Obviously). This upset Giroux’s teammate, 6’3″ Travis Sanheim.

This led to a wrestling match that really ends in true David V. Goliath fashion. Nathan Gerbe wrestled Sanheim to the ground, chucked some knucks, and got the entire arena, and internet going crazy.


I don’t care what anyone else does the entire rest of the season! Nathan Gerbe is by far my favorite player and there is no second place!…Actually, I take that back. There is a second place to me, but to SportsCenter, his goal was worthy of number one.

Cue the top 10 goal by Nick Foligno!

THIS! WAS! DISGUSTING!!! Nick Foligno has said that in his teams drought, he really needs to step up and give them a boost. Personally, I would say a goal as filthy as that one, is a boost and then some for his team. And yes, this goal was SportsCenter’s number one play in their famous “Top 10 Plays”.

Oh yeah, and the Jackets had a famous viewer last night. You may have heard of him before. Some guy I guess used to go by the name… “Ochocinco”?

Okay, I guess this isn’t too unexpected since the Jackets are the only NHL team in Ohio, and Johnson spent a good majority of his career in Cincinnati. It was still really cool to see that Johnson was watching the game and admiring the teams uniforms.

The organization decided to capitalize on this opportunity, and make Johnson a jersey of his own.

Listen, I’m a die-hard Browns fan. I have been my whole life. But even I would buy this jersey because it really is that awesome.

The Jackets will be looking to end a seven game skid (0-3-4) in Nashville against the Predators on Saturday night. The Flyers are going to be playing somebody at sometime at some place.

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