Florida State Runs Scared From Clemson & Coronavirus !!

Written by JohnnyB

The skinny of it is that Norvell and FSU didn’t want to be embarrassed again on a national stage. One Clemson player tested positive on Friday, protocol of distancing took place and no one else tested positive. Clemson had already landed in Tallahassee and even said to move the game to Monday or Tuesday. Florida State didn’t feel comfortable with that.

Really? Really FSU? Clemson was willing to stay in Tallahassee for extra days taking tests and social distancing and you still said no? Covid is a great concern I understand, but one player tested positive the day they landed. They were willing to push the game back a few days while testing and isolating. This is a case of FSU not wanting another embarrassment to a rival. It’s sad that it’s not about covid and it’s about saving face. Oh I hate Clemson & FSU equally so this is a complete non bias take.

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