Florida Leading Way to Becoming Next Wild,Wild West

Written by Jleibl

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Florida governor is drafting up a law that would make it legal for civilians to shoot looters.

If there is one thing Governor Ron DeSantis hates, its unrest in his state. This is made clear by typing your birthday followed up by “Florida Man’ and getting a first hand look at what really goes on in Florida.

My Florida Man Challege

Under DeSantis’ new draft, it would become lawful to shoot looters if they are doing criminal mischeif that would cause “interruption or impairement” of a business. It also defines a burglary as being within 500 feet of a “violet or disorderly assembly”. Last but not least, he wants to give drivers immunity who accidently kill or injure protestors who are blocking road ways.

Needless to say, this is normally something you would read out of a Texas newspaper in 1945 but nope, this is Florida in 2020. DeSantis has had enough of the lawlessness so what does he do, he gives Florida citizens a free kill pass as they personally see fit. I don’t think this could go wrong. Why would it? People of Florida are sound minded human beings….

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