Florida Couple Caught Having Sex Outside At Kid’s Playground

Nice, fun day at the park, huh?
According to The Smoking Gun, a couple was caught having sex at a playground. Yep, a kid’s park to go play, and you have THAT going on! Before asking if this all took place in Florida, your answer is yes. The tunnel of love incident happened at Pocahontas Park in Vero Beach. As the report states, a man was performing oral sex on his girlfriend inside the crawl space, and a tipster notified the police.

Couple Used Playgound As Tunnel Of Love | The Smoking Gun

The two lovebirds were identified as Sharon Finlay, 52, and Germain Jackson, 44. Sharon claimed they were just making out. However, Mr. Jackson was much more honest it appears, saying he was ‘eating some p***y.’ What a man. Needless to say, there was said to be booze at the scene, where both were arrested for carrying an open container. I imagine more charges may be brought up, but maybe not?

Anyways, they were booked with a $500 bond and remain behind bars. The Smoking Gun notes that they may be able to avoid other charges, as nobody else witnessed the incident in question. Unreal. How does nobody else see that? Even if they were in the cool, little crawling tunnel thingy? Outside of the one tipster, somebody must have seen something! Wow.

They will be arraigned on July 6th for the misdemeanor. 

Quite the story here. Usually, this is the part where I tell a similar anecdote or a kinky tale from my past. Unfortunately for all of you, I have never been hungry inside a tunnel at the local park nor have I ever carried around alcohol to drink. I mean, I have been to Florida, but that was only for a weekend four years ago.

Long story short, I always go to The Simpsons when I need a funny closing line, so won’t somebody please think of the children?

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