Calling Out Racism

Flip Flopping Instagrams Exposed on Twitter

Written by Enzothree

This is why people should be careful on social media. I totally get if you want to hop on trends and do things because everyone else is. Hell, Tik Tok trends are often times entertaining… But when it comes to pleading for social justice, I feel like you should just butt out if you don’t truly believe what you’re posting it for. Here are a few examples:

And as the great philosopher DJ Khaled once said, “ANOTHA ONE!”

The second example was particularly funny because she really said it with her chest. Do you hear them? Do you see? Shucks girl, *middle finger emoji* their feelings huh.

I totally get if you’re a Republican and supporting the movement asking for social change. I’d love to believe there’s way more good Republicans than racist assholes. Maybe we should give these people a benefit of the doubt that they do support it… But then again, captioning “[fuck] your feelings, Trump 2020 bby!!!” is kind of a bad look especially if you participated in Black Out Tuesday.

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