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Flat Earth Truther Was NOT Happy With the City of Boston Last Night

Written by tRy25

Kyrie got all up in his feels after the Celtics/Nets game last night. As expected, Kyrie found a reason not to come back to Boston for his highly anticipated return.

For someone who acts like he’s God’s gift with a holier than thou attitude, Kyrie really has no clue about how the world works. We know basketball is a game Kyrie. We know in the grand scheme of things a ball going into a hoop doesn’t really matter. We know it’s hard to move on with life after a loved one has passed. Guess what? We all do it though. And we do it without making $30 million a year.

To go on a rant like that, after a few taunting chants from the fan base he left high and dry? Cmon Kyrie. That’s silly even for you, a man who believes the earth is flat.

This guy simply doesn’t get it. Celtics fans are (rightfully) upset about his time here and his departure, but Lord Almighty it must be terrifying to have that guy as the so called “leader” of your franchise. Personally, I want the face of my franchise to live and breathe basketball. I want him in the gym for 3 hours after a loss and 4 hours after a win. I want him walking into the locker room ready to work, not asking his coach how he feels about the overall concept of government. I want him to see the schedule and circle the date he faces his old team. Not with the intention of faking an injury, but with the fuck you attitude of a real competitor.

So have fun Kyrie. Keep speaking in riddles and worry about fanbases caring about their teams. Hopefully you “find yourself” like that sophomore sorority sister on spring break.

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