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Five Reasons I’m Excited For Doge Day 4/20 | Why Dogecoin To $1.00?

The rise of Dogecoin has been something unreal. Especially over the last week. But what some people might not know is that 4/20 is the official “Doge Day” and people are expecting a huge rise in the price of the coin. As the coin hit a NEW HIGH of .43 today, the day before the big day – there are many reasons to be excited.

Here are my five reasons why I am excited for Doge day 4/20.

5. The People

I’m going to start this off by one of the easiest reasons to list. The Dogecoin Army. The Dogecoin army is real and continues to grow. On Doge Day you’ll see the Dogecoin army at full effect. Everyone who loves Dogecoin will be tweeting, live streaming, talking, and enjoying the day that we’ll all remember.

You’ll see people with 5 followers tweeting about it and you’ll see celebrities with millions of followers tweeting about the big day!

4. Proving Doge Is Legit

As DogeCoin was started as a Meme coin people still think the coin is something to laugh at. Although the rise of the coin may be something to laugh at. 4/20 will prove to everyone the true power of the coin and if they don’t believe in the coin already they will after the big day.

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3. The Doge Promotion From Companies Will Be Unreal

If you search Dogeday on Twitter right now you’ll already see what I mean. The amount of people tweeting about Dogeday is unreal. But on top of it, the big brands tweeting about it are going to be a huge promotion. Power of the people! Free advertising.

2. History Will Be Made

The last 7 days was nothing but history for Dogecoin. From $.7 to $.43 it’s something that we’ve never seen before. The power of Dogecoin is behind the people. As other cryptocurrencies dropped this week, the Doge army proved to be stronger than ever. And continued to hit record highs.

As 4/20 is supposed to be a big day – there will be history made! And we all know it. Recently the Dogecoin founder talked about if the coin will hit $1.00, click here to find out more.

1. Elon Musk

Everyone loves Elon Musk.

No one is more excited for Doge Day than Musk. Musk being one of the most outspoken supporters of Dogecoin loves talking about the coin.

Who knows what he has planned for Doge Day. Everyone is excited to see what he’ll tweet, when he does, and how much he’ll help the market. In the past his tweets have sent the coin price skyrocketing.

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