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Five Photos of January 2021 SHAGMAG Feature Model Katelyn ‘KT’ Lordahl That Will Make You Want to Subscribe to Her OnlyFans – @ktlordahl @SHAGMAG_

Written by Nate

After a wildly successful year in 2020, Julia Rose and online magazine SHAGMAG are picking up right where they left off; and the upcoming feature model for January 2021 is a good one.

Starting off the new year right is OnlyFans (OF) model Katelyn ‘KT’ Lordahl, according to Instagram stories by both Julia and SHAGMAG.

Photo Courtesy: Julia Rose (Instagram)

Along with OnlyFans, Lordahl is known to be active on social media. She currently has over 3,000 followers on Twitter and 101 posts on her website.

To serve as a shoutout to her, here are five photos of KT that would make you want to subscribe to, not only her site, but to SHAGMAG as well.

There are much more images of KT for us to post, but we will leave it to you to look them up.

Feel free to also follow KT on her Instagram by clicking here and her Twitter here.

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