First Look At CFB Rankings. These Are The Best Rankings Ever!

Written by Scal

Well here we have it. The first college football playoff rankings. The committee obviously went off eye test here and I don’t hate it.



Michigan St


Ohio St




Wake Forest

Notre Dame

There is going to be people upset that Bama is 2. But if you have honestly watched college football all year then you know that they are the 2nd best team in college football. No question. We will see what happens when they play Georgia in the SEC title game.

Putting Oregon above Ohio State was huge as well. It shouldn’t come as a shock as Oregon won in Ohio earlier this season. But there was still a chance we saw the CFC really mess this one up. Good on them.

Oklahoma at 8 is perfect. Is Oklahoma undefeated? Yes. Does that mean they are a top 5 team? No. This was obviously an eye test decision that was correct. Oklahoma will have a chance to prove themselves with games against Baylor and Ok St. But as of now having OU at 8 is correct.

The biggest question everyone had was where would Cincinnati be. I was disappointed to see the Bearcats at 6. However, this is not a big deal. Considering we still have the Georgia Bama game, as well as very tough schedules for Michigan St and Ohio St, the chance of making the playoff is not dead for Cinci.

I applaud the CFC. This was by far the best job they have ever done. They clearly went off of eye test and that is seen with Oklahoma at 8 and Bama at 2. I think a lot of people expected a bias towards the teams that hadn’t loss yet. But that finally wasn’t the case. Good job done here. I am very excited to see how this shakes out.

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