First 18-Hole Outing During COVID

Written by Enzothree

11:40 tee time, drank way too much the night before, 90 degree weather under the sun, what could possibly go wrong?

Besides the fact that I almost passed out from having nothing but Gatorade and nicotine in my system in the heat, I played as best as I could that day. As a casual golfer who couldn’t hit a driver off a tee for the life of me, I planned on breaking 120 (shot a 118, please hold your applause). Grass was slightly wet, experienced a sketchy snack bar after the 9th hole, but all in all was a successful day.

All jokes aside, it really felt amazing getting out there again. I wish I had the time and skill to play more golf. It’s a sport I’ve always wanted to be good at. I only have a few years playing very casually under my belt but after this most recent trip, I’m more than motivated to hit the range way more (definitely work on my long game… and my short game…). Not for anything, I hit 2 really good putts over 15 feet. May or may not have saved bogey and may or may not have been all luck. In that moment I felt like Tiger in his prime.

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