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#FireNagy Chants Erupt During Bulls Game (video)

Written by Durr

The Bears season is practically over and luckily for Chicago, the Bulls are off to a hot start in the NBA.

The Windy City does love their football though. The Bears fans have had enough with Coach,Matt Nagy, and they need it made public now.

If I were a Chicago fan, I would be joining in on this fun. Nagy sucks. He’s bland and hates fun. He also can’t manage a locker room in any sort of capacity.

Could you imagine if Matt Nagy was in the arena. Now that would have been hysterical.

At least with the Bears losing all these games, they’ll end up with a top pick. SIKE! That pick belongs to the Giants due to the Justin Fields trade. The Giants also got a potential future star in Tony.

After thanksgiving, it’s time to move on from the Bears and move onto the NBA with the Bulls.

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