#FireMccarthy is trending … hopefully they’re talking about Mike

Written by Noah Gagnon

So I hop on Twitter and instantly get excited as I see #FireMcCarthy is trending. I saw this and thought that angry Cowboy fans such as myself were staging an impromptu June protest to get the team’s head coach canned before the season, but I was unfortunately mistaken. It was just about some asshole politician. Everyone online is all up in arms about how much of a stupid coward this Kevin Mccarthy fella is, so I can only assume he’s a close relative to Mike.

I’m not gonna lie and pretend like I understand anything about the republican party or the house of representatives, but I think I speak for all Dallas Cowboys fans when I say that the #FireMcCarthy movement has our full support. I don’t know why people are calling for this guy’s head, but if he did anything as egregious as losing by 25 at home on Thanksgiving, he’s gotta go. If Kevin McCarthy is the type of guy to let Ben Dinucci start a Sunday night football game, then he needs to be canned, just like Mike because the decision-making just isn’t there for these McCarthy’s.

Oh yeah, and for those rallying for Kev McCarthy to be fired, don’t be fooled if he starts smashing watermelons. He still sucks at his job.

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