Financial Values of Broadcast Contracts in NFL, NBA, and EPL

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The famous statement “Money makes the mare go” looks all the more relatable when looked at  in the context of today’s broadcasting world. We all started playing some sport or the other only  to enjoy and cherish the moments spent on the field. The primary goal back then used to be  having fun and making memories. Similarly, watching different football games or going to NBA  or Baseball games all was intended for fun, for peace, and the love of the respective sports.  However, with time it all changes, and today’s massive broadcast deals remain the center of  attention for all sporting events.  

Broadcasters pay billions of dollars to grab the coverage and broadcast rights of different  competitions and games as the financial potential of sports broadcasting grows. The goal now is  to attract a greater volume of viewers and broadcasters to increase the commercials and  advertisements. This certainly makes all these broadcasters a fortune. That’s why different  features are being introduced to broadcasts every season. The target is to keep the audiences  glued to the television for as long as possible. This, in return, makes way for greater revenues in  commercials and advertisements.  

As per the latest statistics, an average 30-second Super Bowl Commercial Costs a massive 6.5  million US Dollars. That indeed is a lot of money and shows the reason behind the successful  growth of TV broadcasting deals. NBC sold some spots for 7 million US Dollars which remains  a broadcasting record. In NBA playoffs, the figure hovers around 750 thousand US Dollars to 1.1  million US Dollars.  

Based on this data, it is not much of a challenge to imagine how much money gets involved in  these different sporting events. That is the reason why recent broadcast deals have been worth  more than 100 billion US Dollars. This certainly is something to take notice of.  


NFL, the premier football event in the United States, signed a mammoth 105 billion Dollars  contract deal for the cycle between 2023-33. This remains a landmark in the broadcasting history  of the NFL that has been so instrumental to the rise of television in the US. During the 70s and  80s, the NFL fueled the rise and growth of the television industry, and now it’s time to have the rewards. These are all great numbers, and the future seems to have a lot to offer. This contract  deal means that the broadcasting fee per match is now at an all-time high with 38.6 million US  Dollars per game.


The same is the case with the NBA, which looks set to raise the bar with its new broadcast rights  deal that is expected to fetch the league a ludicrous 75 Billion US Dollars deal that will be a new  record in the history of basketball broadcasts. The league’s popularity has grown immensely  during recent years as audiences from Asia and Subcontinent have taken an increased interest in  the proceedings of the matches.  

The new deal would start in the year 2025. The earlier deal signed in 2014 was worth only 24  million US Dollars, but this new deal is what remains the center of attention for all.  

Earlier, the broadcasting fee per game stood at a modest 2.1 million US Dollars, but it is  expected to rise to 6.4 million US Dollars in this new and mouthwatering broadcast deal. That  shows how massive the growth in the world of NBA broadcasts has been in recent years. 

English Premier League  

Similarly, the English Broadcast rights trajectory has also been very encouraging, as the graph  continues to rise upwards. The broadcasting fee per match in English Premier League has been  10.5 million US dollars. The numbers are expected to rise in the near future, with broadcast  contracts going beyond 12 billion US dollars per season.

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